LinkedIn – A networking tool that keeps you connected

LinkedIn has been operating as a well-oiled machine in recent years and remaining under the radar of scrutiny, however even the best performers need a tune-up from time to time. You may have already noticed the tweaks and tools on the site in recent weeks.

The transformation accelerates from a network of intertwined professionals, to a social content sharing platform where users encounter a sleek, modern design with instantaneous user-interface updates. The simplicity of the design offers users the maneuverability to further showcase their profiles while encouraging engaging interactions among users and groups alike. With this being said, the time is of the essence to cultivate your online persona.

The Chassis:
The redesign was a necessary step to simplify the homepage navigation in order for users to see which of their connections are sharing and updating. The homepage neatly organizes key information, spotlights important actions, and cuts through the clutter. “LinkedIn Today” offers news stories and marketplace trends tailored to the user based on current engagement and activity on site, and the opportunity to like, share, or comment on updates otherwise lost among “new connection” updates, is just a click away.

Users now have the tools to leverage their social presence on the site, especially with the integration of larger and more prominent profile photos. Here’s how you should be driving your online presence;

  • Update your status frequently and consistently – create potential engagement with your network by sharing industry-related news articles or topics you wish to further engage in discussion. The key is striving for repeated impressions, day after day, that help your connections understand what you have to offer and how that’s relevant to them and/or their connections.
  • Make a good first impression with your profile photo – it’s best that your profile photo features you alone. Dress appropriately for your profession, or the profession you hope to join, and be mindful of your posture and expression.
  • Like, share, comment, save news stories – connect with industry leaders, follow companies, and interact with executive recruiters.

Moving full-throttle ahead
The new look is part of an overhaul that began in July with LinkedIn’s home page and will be rolling out to users over time. LinkedIn’s strategic vision behind these changes is focused and unmistakable. They recently addressed these updates on their blog, stating:

“This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to the Homepage to offer more customization and functionality this year. We look forward to making the LinkedIn Homepage your go-to destination to discover and discuss what matters to you, your industry and your professional network around the world.”

Ultimately, you have the power and the platform to develop a robust online presence and portfolio – it’s time to shift gears!

Over the next few weeks we will dive deeper into the best practices and how to develop your professional online persona.