Interview Tips – Dress & manner are essential

The importance of a professional appearance and strong presentation and communication skills cannot be overstated. These are your personal marketing tools and what appeals to the interviewer’s emotional senses. Continue reading “Interview Tips – Dress & manner are essential” »

During the Interview – Things To Expect

Because each interviewer is different, there are many types of interviews. Some interviewers are skilled at interviewing; others are not. Some are talkative; others let you do most of the talking. Most interviews, however, will range from open-ended, in which the interviewer asks questions and lets you do most of the talking, to the highly structured, in which the interviewer asks many specific questions following a planned format. Many interviews will fall between these extremes; you should be prepared for any style. Continue reading “During the Interview – Things To Expect” »

Pre-Interview Prep – Avoid Common Mistakes

While you should avoid “over-preparing” for an interview, careful preparation can help avoid serious mistakes and give you an advantage over the competition. Continue reading “Pre-Interview Prep – Avoid Common Mistakes” »