Proper resume layout & formatting

A resume is to a job seeker, what a calculator is to an accountant – a tool that quickly facilitates the communication of information, providing an accurate and measurable account of data. In today’s competitive market, it is critical for your resume to stand out and make an impact on hiring executives. However, not by way of glitter explosions, scented stationery or cosmic font colors of the solar system. It happens more often than you can imagine! Continue reading “Proper resume layout & formatting” »

Resume Writing: 5 Ways to Stand Out

Executive recruiters and hiring managers navigate through hundreds of resumes for each job posting. Ensuring that your resume stands out from the stack and captures the attention of HR executives is the first step to securing an interview in the hiring process. It’s worth repeating that hieroglyphics, 72-point font and pressed flowers do not an appealing resume make. Continue reading “Resume Writing: 5 Ways to Stand Out” »