Our Search Process

Locally and regionally based businesses and national corporations with branch offices in the Pacific Northwest retain us and compensate us to deliver qualified applicants for positions requiring staffing.

We offer the flexibility of a success-based model for direct hires, meaning we do not charge an engagement fee and are only paid upon the successful recruitment & hiring of a qualified candidate. For top level positions, leadership roles & specialty job descriptions, you may want to consider our Retained Search services.

Retained Search

Retained recruiting is generally engaged for the purpose of senior-level executive or hard to fill positions, and candidates considered as part of a retained search can be assured that the hiring company highly values the opportunity. Due to the importance of these types of positions, retained search demands precision and discretion

Contingency Search

Contingency recruiting is a popular approach for companies looking to fill mid- to upper-level positions on a non-confidential basis. These are genuine opportunities that match your skills, your experiences and your objectives. Utilizing our contingency recruiting model, Matrix Finance & Accounting expertly connects qualified candidates to open positions that fit your professional and career objectives.

Contract Staffing

Sometimes it makes sense to pursue shorter-term career goals. Short-term professional opportunities and seasonal positions allow candidates to test out new markets or industries or to gain valuable experience in a new area of focus. We have access to companies all over Seattle and Bellevue seeking contract for hire workers across all of our Practice Groups.

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